"It’s funny how a week of time experienced under intense circumstances outside of situations you regularly experience usually blur together into one big mess. Already a few days after you remember what has happened, but it’s like the memories and experiences from that bubble of time has melted together. Plus, you only remember the good things."

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This camera was handed off to me outside of Grythyttan, with 700km left. I have no words.

  • gwil: Also I don’t know whether this is confirmation bias effect or something but
  • gwil: why does everyone involved in typography have a name like Maurice Meilleur or Jürgen Siebert
  • rob: There might be something there
  • gwil: Jürgen Freeman
  • gwil: Kristof Hypofothesis
  • gwil: Dietrich Manfolder
  • gwil: I could play this game all day
  • rob: Actually: Patch Hofweber. Dieter Hofrichter.
  • rob: Real type designer.
  • gwil: Hahaha
  • rob: Göran Söderström.
  • gwil: After a certain threshold of Germanic features and/or accents a child is predisposed to becoming a type designer
  • gwil: Sorry,  Flüggen Hoffelhaßer
  • rob: Jonathan Hoefler. Tobias Frere-Jones.
  • rob: Claude Garamont.
  • gwil: There’s a scientific paper in this my chum
  • rob: Pretty rad fucking names
  • gwil: *Nature*, here we come
  • rob: Giambattista Bodoni
  • gwil: Robertus Theodorus Marius Jesus Butros Butros Gali Mientjes
  • rob: Henric Pieterszoon Lettersnijder
  • gwil: lol
  • rob: You are spitballing. I am just going through history.
  • gwil: And my personal favourite, Typography Jones.
  • gwil: Yeah you actually know a history of fonts, I however have the creative spark
  • gwil: Hikikomori Bouken
  • gwil: Maximum Pancetta
  • gwil: Mascarpone Smith
  • gwil: Dame Blanche
  • gwil: yeah tapping a rich vein of hunger now

New times ahead


Some might not know this, but the last few years I’ve almost had two jobs. I was FamiljenPangea’s lead type designer, where I was not only responsible for designing custom typefaces but also brought in the majority of such clients to the company. Simultaneously, I was running Letters from Sweden as a side project where my main focus was retail fonts.

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LFS is taking custom type assignments soon. Look out.



SOLO TRAIN RIDE TO / heaven is a place on earth

france is just / ridiculous.

spiders in the egg bowl

            not like a parasite, like
            the flu. a virus

only a week until / what i believe to be
the solstice / kids go on vacation / to cannes?

“i thought maybe lebanon needed me more than france did”

rapture / rupture
change in
temperature / summit the second-highest
hill in finland, ecstatic triumph
of climbing in drifts up past knees
pot borne in hands, leg fallen in,
stuck up to thigh

it’s normal to get/
cold feet

once i divorced my need to make a living from my desire for fulfillment

 “i don’t know if i’m going to go back”

My dear friend Maya is in northern Finland and is living the life.